Friday, June 6, 2014

China Trip Day 3 - Our Last Day In Beijing

This morning I ate bread for breakfast and it was so delicious.  I enjoyed the noodles and rice for breakfast the first few days, but I am seriously ready for something more bland.  I could also really use some fruit!  But there aren't any fruit options that I can peel myself, so that's out of the question.

We went to The Summer Palace which was beautiful.  Very crowded - lots of people wanting to get pictures of us Americans!

Some even pull just me aside, wanting to get a picture with me.  I find that surprising, since I don't look so extremely different from them.  But I guess a hybrid like me is also rare in China!

We walked down the longest corridor in the world and saw the marble boat that an empress had made.  Very smart - a boat made completely out of marble, not able to float!

I just really can't get over how much work it would be to make these intricately gorgeous buildings...

We rode a boat (not made of marble, of course) across the man-made lake.  On the boat, a hilarious man wrote on my arm in Chinese characters, "don't kiss me, my boyfriend is more handsome than you" haha!  We thought that was pretty funny, as well as what he wrote on Kylee's arm: "I'll marry you if you have money".

Josh's says, "I have money but no wife" and Briggs's says, "I will be the American president" hahaha!

Somewhere along this adventure, Kylee bought the greatest hat from a street vendor!  It can be worn 4 ways - I love it!

Next, we climbed many, many steps up to the Tower of Buddhist Incense.  It was cool, there was a very large statue of a Buddhist goddess and the view was great!

After a lunch of dumplings (a pleasant change indeed!), we went to the Temple of Heaven.  Very very cool!  It was different from what we've seen, and the temperature was perfect.  We tried the echo wall, which didn't work well, and then I slid down some granite.

It was so interesting to see the buildings that were made without nails.  Crazy!

We walked past some ladies doing some sort of dancing exercise.  A big group of them, really!  It was fun to watch, I probably would have joined if I knew what they were doing.

Our next stop was The Pearl Market!  Kylee and I have been so excited to do some shopping!  But we found it to be extremely overwhelming.  Every seller was very persistent and wouldn't leave me alone.  I was so terrified when one lady cornered me and wouldn't let me get out.  When I finally squeezed past her she grabbed my arm and did not let go.  I was practically dragging her across to the next "shop" where Mr. Anderson was standing!  It was scary, but kind of funny haha.

I bought a ton of cool things for so cheap, thanks to bargaining!  It is kind of awkward, actually, but so great because it turns out I'm pretty good at it.

We ate dinner afterwards.  I couldn't really eat much because we had a late lunch.  I wasn't ready for more Chinese food!  Now we are on a train and it is the craziest thing of my life because we are sleeping on it.  Kylee, our new friend Madi, and I are in a room with three strangers.  Sketchy!  No doors, though, and I really hope that I don't have to use the bathroom.  I'm a billion feet high on the third bunk up.  Luckily there is a rail!

Check out this sign I found in the station bathroom!

I hope I can sleep on this squishy bunk!

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