Saturday, June 7, 2014

China Trip Day 4 - Xian City Wall & The Terracotta Warriors

The train really wasn't that bad at all!  I slept the entire night through.  And the college boy sleeping on the bunk two feet away from me was so nice and spoke great English!

The moment we arrived in Xian, we were able to tell that it is kind of a ghetto place.  Everything looked more run-down than in Beijing, and the signs no longer had English translations underneath - oh no!

We took a bus to the city wall which is around 600 years old.  It is looking good for its age!  We rented bikes and biked around the entire thing.  It was about 9 miles, and the views were amazing!  Some people even were lighting off fireworks.

We then went to a pottery factory where they made mini terracotta warriors while we watched.  I don't really get why we went there, but I guess it was cool!


Mr. Anderson bought a life size terracotta warrior!  He got it for a great price, thanks to his expert bargaining.

After that, we drove a while to go see the actual Terracotta Warriors!  So cool!  I never really thought I'd see them in real life, so it was a very neat experience.  I was bummed that my camera battery died once we got there!

It is crazy to think about how much work it was to build them all, and how much work it has been to rebuild them since they've been destroyed.  It's a shame that their color was lost!  One of my favorite things about seeing them was the smell.  I love the smell of dirt!

On the walk back to the bus, we went by some vendors.  Some white guy was selling Turkish ice cream and we had to buy some because of how hilarious he was!  He put on a whole show and was teasing us.  We proceeded to get a picture with him!

I just wanted to show you the women's bathroom symbol they use in China.  So cute!

Just some more Asians wanting pictures with us.

Then we went to dinner (I don't know how much more Chinese food I can handle) and rushed to the airport.  We didn't know if we'd make it - it was so stressful!  It didn't help that all of the workers were either rude or didn't seem to know what they were doing.  However, they were very thorough in security and confiscated my favorite scissors, which got through American security just fine.  The nerve!

After the most unpleasant, bumpy ride in a tiny airplane, we made it to Zhangjiajie in an hour and 15 minutes!  The "airport" (if you'd even call it that) was the smallest most run down room ever, and we got our luggage back very wet.

Now we are at our hotel.  We thought it would be crappy, considering this is a very rural place, but it is awesome!  So nice, even better than our room in Beijing.  And there's a shop that sells chips and chocolate, that is a huge plus!

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