Sunday, June 8, 2014

China Trip Day 5 - Zhangjiajie National Park

Okay, sleeping in a hotel bed was the greatest thing ever after the train and the long day yesterday!  I didn't want Chinese breakfast, though, so I bought some Lime Lays (so good) and a Snickers bar (I don't even like Snickers!)  Best breakfast ever.

We aren't staying all that far from the forest, so we traveled into the mountains very quickly.  We were prepared with our ponchos, and good thing too!  It was super rainy!  All day long, actually, so I didn't get very many pictures (my camera needs to be waterproof!).

Just another picture of people taking pictures of us (purple poncho guy).

We took cable cars all the way up one mountain, and I bought a picture of Kylee and I which I think is so funny.  We spent the next couple of hours going down the mountain, which consisted of literally thousands of steps!  My legs were killing me, but it was so cool!

The overlooks were amazing - the walk was definitely worth it.  The mountains were so gorgeous: basically just tall rocks.  The mist weaving between them made them look like they were floating.  The world in the movie Avatar is based off of Zhangjiajie's mountains, and you can definitely tell!

Monkeys were running all over the place.  They were so cute!  We were told to be careful of them and stay away, but that is kind of hard when about seven of them are coming up the stairs while you are going down!  Some had little babies holding onto them, and we saw one baby walking around.  So adorable!

We finally reached the bottom and went to get lunch.  There was every single part of a chicken in the pot of "soup" they brought us.  The head was so freaky!  One kid ate the foot which I thought was very brave.

After we ate, we went on a 4 mile forest walk.  It was so absolutely gorgeous!  The mist made it even prettier.

Every now and then we would pass a hut where vendors would sell food and souvenirs.

Me, Madi, Kylee, and Josh finished, and at the end found our tour guide in a very distressed state.  He told us that everyone else except for us and Angel and her dad went the wrong way!  Great.  Our tour guide went back to get them while the six of us waited in the cold rain for two hours (they had taken a wrong turn near the very beginning and had climbed almost all the way up a mountain!)

Though it was cold and wet, we had a fun time chatting and looking in all 7 identical shops (seriously, they all sold the same things).  People kept taking pictures of us foreigners, so we would smile for them, haha!  At one point there was a group of like 8 people getting pictures with and of us.  So funny!

Finally the rest of our group showed up, so we went back to the hotel, ate dinner, and now we have some free time!  I already love this city, it is gorgeous!  But the food is terrible here, haha.

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