Monday, June 9, 2014

China Trip Day 6 - Another Day In Zhangjiajie

Today we woke up and went straight back to the mountains!  After some fried rolls dipped in sweet & condensed milk, of course (favorite food in China yet!)

The entrance to the park.

We went to Hallelujah mountain where we took a glass elevator all the way to the top!  We were so lucky - the weather was the most perfect is has been on this entire trip.  Not rainy or hot!  We were able to get better pictures today, since the mist wasn't completely covering everything.

At the top of the mountain we walked past stands of food that actually looked good.  We thought it was funny that people would just buy cucumbers to eat right then and there.

That lady's hair!

We checked out some lookout points while walking down the mountain.  So amazing!

The usual.

The railways were full of little locks!  They were so cute - couples would get their names engraved and lock them on the rails.

We passed a place where people were selling tortoises.  You could buy one, wish on it, and set it free in the pond.  Cute!  They probably just gather them up every night and resell them the next morning, though.

On our way back to the bus, we passed a little ice cream machine, so I definitely had to buy some.  Soft serve vanilla in a cone - best ice cream ever!

The following bus ride was the craziest of my life.  It was seriously like a Disneyland ride.  We almost hit like 5 other buses and almost fell off the edge several times.  And the turns!  Basically complete u-turns going super fast.  We were all falling all over the place!  Plus the bus was so small so I was sitting on a little seat placed in the aisle, not even connected to the ground.  Definitely not a good ride for Kylee's motion sickness!

Where were we heading?  Best stop ever - a McDonald's at the top of a mountain!  Never have I been more excited for McDonald's, considering I don't even like the place.  But I was in serious need of American food, so it was delicious!  We walked around a little bit after that, and I bought one of the pretty shawls that I have seen at every stand in Zhangjiajie.

The McDonald's was the biggest I've ever seen (two stories even!)  And I must say that their decor was marvelous!

We took a cable car down the mountain, which was so great!  Better than yesterday, because we could actually see everything around us.

Then it was back to the hotel to get our luggage which we took to the train station!

It was kind of sad, many of the boys had bought swords, and most of them were confiscated by security.  Who knows if we will ever see those again!  We had a little while before the train left, so Kylee and I killed time by finding a bathroom and dancing around the entire station.

We made sure that our dancing was safe after we saw this sign!

When we finally got on the train, we were a little afraid to find that it is super super ghetto.  But that is okay, because it is really fun!  We have played some games and hung out with Shana and Robin, the moms who are basically our best friends.  Shana was asked by some random Chinese lady to braid her hair!

Kylee was cracking me up, wearing that hat everywhere!

I think I will head to bed now, considering we have to get off of the train at 4:15 tomorrow morning!

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