Wednesday, June 11, 2014

China Trip Day 7 - The Minority Village

They turned the lights on in our train at 4:00 this morning to make sure we'd be ready to get off at 4:15.  But the train was running late, so we didn't even get off until 6:00!  Then we drove 3 hours to our new hotel, which is definitely worse than the other two we've been to.

After breakfast we drove up to a minority village that was two hours away.  We saw some interesting things, and it was a crazy drive as usual!  Our bus driver thought he had to pass everybody, even if it meant driving in the wrong lane for long stretches of time.  Even if there were cars in both lanes - he would squeeze between the two!

I was shocked with how many people would just go into the opposite lane to pass other cars.  Even around corners and over hills!

Everyone has a moped here!

We arrived to the village where we climbed many, many stairs to Meiyou Cafe.  Best Chinese meal we've had yet!  Seriously, that sizzling beef was delicious.  And whatever that chicken and potato dish was, mmm!

Bamboo rice is their specialty.  I didn't really love it, it tastes like bread dough.

After lunch we climbed to the top of the village, which meant first climbing through it.  It was so beautiful!  I would seriously love to spend a whole summer there.  Life would be so peaceful, their simple ways of living really appealed to me.

That was a huge spider!  Aghh!

We reached an overlook where we could see tons and tons of rice fields.  It seemed like a lot, but apparently they only grew enough to support their own village.  It was the coolest thing to see!

She and I accidentally packed a lot of matching shirts, so we've decided that we might was well just wear them on the same days.

We kept hiking.  I made friends with two cute little dogs and several chickens.

On our way down, we did some shopping and watched some local women unleash their long locks.  They cut their hair once in their lives, when they turn 16.  They keep that ponytail and also keep all of the hair that they lose every day to make another ponytail.  They wrap both of their ponytails up on their heads every day along with their long hair growing on their heads.  What an interesting tradition!

They also wash their hair with rice water which makes it extremely pretty and shiny.  I'll have to try that!  But it kind of smelled funky so maybe not.

We drove back to the city after that and visited a college where the boys of our group played a game of basketball against their team.  Kylee and I kept score and chatted with the college boys who came to watch.  Apparently they were all English majors, which was really convenient because they were easy to understand!

Our team barely won with a score of 51:46.  It was pretty crazy at the end, Ky and I thought there might be a tie!

The score at halftime.

I thought it was so funny that the college group had jerseys that said USA and had the American flag on it!

Afterwards, we were exhausted.  But that didn't stop us from going to the night market after dinner!  It was right next to our hotel and very cool.  I loved to see the city at night!

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