Thursday, June 12, 2014

China Trip Day 8 - Lots Of Floating In Yangshuo

We checked out of our hotel in Guilin this morning and started our cruise down the Li River.

We saw this guy on our way out the door!

There were so many boats at first, but we all became spread out over time.

I wouldn't quite agree with  the way this pamphlet described the mountains.  #grotesque

Men paddled around on bamboo rafts, attached themselves to our boat, and tried to sell us fruit!  Mr. Anderson bought us some lychee, and it was so delicious.  I've had it in Japanese jello type stuff, but today was my first time eating it plain!

The scenery was beautiful!  The 20 yuan bill shows the exact view that we saw at one point, so that was pretty cool.

After the boat ride, we checked into our new hotel which is really nice.  It is kind of funny, it's in the middle of a super busy street/market.  You can hardly tell it is even a hotel, it just looks like a shop!

This is by our hotel.  What a beautiful sight!

We then went to the Dragon River where a guy took us down it on a bamboo raft.  It was the coolest thing ever!  It wasn't too hot, and it was so peaceful.  I loved going down the little waterfalls!

Kylee and I accidentally bought pictures of ourselves, but they are so cute, we don't regret it.

After that, we ate dinner.  Kylee got stuck in her hat, haha!  The food was delicious, actually, but we were excited to finish eating because we were then set free to go shopping and exploring for a couple of hours!  We bought many delightful things, including gelato.

We get Sprite every meal.  It is seriously the best part.  So refreshing!

We met in the evening to go to a show called Impressions of Sanjie Liu.  Weirdest show ever!  But very cool.  There were hundreds of performers, and the background of the mountains was very beautiful.  Their use of lighting and music was very nice, and I love how it was set on the river!  The reflections were one of my favorite parts!  However, I didn't love the flesh-colored body suits the women wore in one act.  Awkward!

The show was directed by the guy who directed the Olympic opening ceremony in Beijing.

After this incredibly fun day, we were so ready for bed!  Luckily the noise of our party street was not heard in our wonderfully air conditioned hotel room.

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