Friday, June 13, 2014

China Trip Day 9 - An Eventful Bike Ride & Rock Climbing

We got up early this morning to start our bike ride.  We first had to get out of the city, which was the most terrifying thing ever!  Seriously, I thought I might die!  Crossing the busiest streets I've ever seen multiple times, squeezing between mopeds and cars, wondering if the bus coming straight towards you will stop in time, and avoiding pedestrians - definitely terrifying!

We rode to our first stop, which was a 300 year old house.  It was gorgeous!  We met the old people who live in it, and they were so, so sweet.

They showed us their snake and centipede wine and their soybean press with which we helped them make soy milk.

Those dents are from 300 years of water dripping off of the house!

One of the ladies was older than 65, and when the people there turn 65 their son buys them a coffin.  So we saw her coffin which was weird and cool!

We then rode through the countryside where we saw some rice fields and very run down, old towns.  So beautiful and calm!  And I just can't get over how amazing the mountains are here.

Our next stop was a Foreign Language School full of girls (and like, one boy) learning English.  We chatted for a little while, and Kylee and I made friends with girls named Lisa and Kate.  They are our age and the most adorable girls in the world!  I really liked them, and it was fun to play games with them.

When we were about to leave, a ton of them wanted to get pictures with me, including their teacher haha!  He was a really funny guy, he liked talking to me and wearing Kylee's sunglasses.  I really enjoyed our visit to the school!

After a perilous ride back to our hotel and lunch, we had a couple of hours to do whatever we wanted.  First stop - ice cream!  I'm pretty sure that the soft serve is way better here in China.  It is less icy and more creamy!  I also bought a backpack then went back to our wonderfully air conditioned room to talk to Eths for a while (he's in Chengdu).

Then it was time for rock climbing!  We drove to the mountains (15 minutes into them, that is) with our tour guide from London, then walked to Swiss Cheese Mountain.

I was one of the first to climb.  It was so overwhelming!  I started breathing very heavily right at the beginning and started shaking!  I don't really know why, I'm not afraid of heights... but it was kind of scary!  Very fun, though. I've never rock climbed before, so now I can say that the first time I've ever rock climbed was in China!

The view while walking back was incredible:

That night, we had a little bit of extra time which Kylee and I used to go shopping.  We couldn't resist buying several dresses.  They were so cheap!  We also bought some honey candy to take home.

Ladies lined up all down the street, all selling basically the same dresses!

I think this honey candy is so cool and delicious!

We were having so much fun and were in really good moods.  We spent most of our walking moments dancing!  There were lasers and funky lights all over, and music everywhere we went - so we just had to dance!  Of course, we got even more stares and pictures taken of us than usual, but that just made it more entertaining.

We were so tempted to try out the Kissing Fish Spa!

Our last night in Yangshuo ended in some much needed lemon gelato, which was of course delicious!

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