Monday, June 30, 2014

Closing Ceremonies

We were pretty excited for closing ceremonies!  Well, not really, but we just wanted to know if we placed.

It was once again an obnoxiously loud party, but luckily everything calmed down not too long after we got there.

Mike Rowe, the dirty jobs guys, came and spoke to us.  It was pretty cool even though I've never seen his show.  He's starting a new show, and he filmed all of us yelling "somebody's gotta do it" so that he could put us in the opening of it.  So if you ever see Somebody's Gotta Do It, listen for SkillsUSA!

Then we had to sit FOREVER as they announced the winners for each competition.  Utah as a whole did really good - our UVU chapter rocks!  Our school only won two competitions, though, and my team's was not one of them.  As the 98th competition announced, we had to wait a long long time to hear that!  It was kind of disappointing and we don't know how we scored so low, considering we followed every single rule perfectly.  But that's okay - it was only our first year!  Plus it was a great experience.  And we are still state champions!

I didn't catch that it was supposed to be a model shot.

The next morning we got up early to catch our flight to Denver!  We sat around there for quite a while, drank some Starbucks, then we left for Utah!

I really enjoyed my SkillsUSA Nationals experience!  I got three free shirts for it, you can't argue with that!  Plus I had a lot of fun with my friends, and now I can say that I've been to Kansas and Missouri.  I'm sure glad I'm home though!

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