Monday, June 2, 2014

Favorite Memories With Simone

Today is a very sad day... because I'm leaving tomorrow and Simone is leaving the next day, it was our last day together!  I remember the first day we met...

Yup, I got a picture with her the first day we met.  I saw her in choir earlier that day and actually wondered if we'd become friends.  But I kind of thought she and I would have nothing in common.  But of course, the next period after choir was conditioning, and she was going around looking for a lock, and so was I.  The rest is history!  (It took us over a month to track down a lock, by the way...)

Turns out we have a lot in common.  We have similar tastes in food, style, music, and many other things.  So we were fast friends!  We became close very quickly, which is very convenient with her only being in America for 10 months.

In honor of my last day spent with one of my best friends, I thought I would give a review of some of my favorite memories with Simone that I am sure not to forget.

Cross country is how we met.  She was a runner back home, and I'm really really glad that she decided to join the team.  Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have gotten to know her!  We started running together the first day we met, and haven't really stopped.

Our trip to Boise together for cross country was really great.  It was only one night, but I won't ever forget that hour we spent wandering around town looking for ice cream.  Seriously, why is ice cream so hard to find?

Pittsburgh was the most spontaneous adventure ever!  I'm so glad we had the crazy idea to just fly across the country one day and stay there for a while.  We had the most amazing host who showed us so many cool things.  What a beautiful city!

Footlocker was amazing, of course.  It was fun to be with Simone in California, she was so excited to see L.A.!

Cooking with Simone was always fun, and her passion for cooking is definitely memorable.  We always found ourselves in the kitchen!  She taught me how to make a ton of new things, and hopefully she keeps up with her blog so that I can learn even more!

And of course, track.  By this point in time, Simone had way more energy than I did and made it so much fun!  She pushed and motivated me to become a better runner, and of course training together was so great!


In conclusion, it was such an amazing blessing to have Simone in my life.  She has helped me so much more than she will ever know! She really taught me a lot, and I hope that I have contributed to her having a positive experience in America.  I have found Simone to be incredibly understanding, caring, sweet, and optimistic.  She is, without question, the most adventurous person I have ever met, and I know that she has the most amazing future ahead of her!

So Simone, on your way back home to Denmark on Wednesday, please stay safe!  Know that I love you and will always be back here in Utah - so you'd better come visit!  Or I'll come visit you, that works too.

Thanks for the memories!

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