Sunday, June 22, 2014

It Is Good To Be Home

I know I was only away for two weeks, but it feels like a lot longer than that!  There were so many things I wanted to do between getting home on Wednesday and leaving this coming Monday, and I got a lot of them done.  I also did a lot of other fun things, and so this is going to be like my "Favorites of the Week" posts - except for I haven't taken a single picture since I landed on Wednesday.  Guess I needed a break from photographing!

  • I went on a couple of runs.  Jeff has started running with me, which I very much enjoy - running alone is just not as fun!
  • Jeff and I also got snow cones.  How I've missed snow cones!  They don't have them in China.  Well, they do, but they are rare and they look weird so I didn't even try one.  (Eths got one and said it had beans, nuts, and fruits in it.  Strange!)  There was a melon-selling stand right next to the snow shack, so I stopped by for a delicious cantaloupe.  It was indeed delicious!  Even though I got to eat a little bit of it (you owe me a melon, parents).
  • My mom, grandma, aunts, cousins, and I went and saw Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella at The Scera Shell.  It was so cute!  I loved that movie when I was a kid, and it was great to spend time with my family who I'd missed.
  • My mom (who is going to start teaching 2nd grade this autumn) showed me her classroom and ran some ideas for it by me over a delicious meal at Mi Ranchito.  It is going to be traveling themed!  I, of course, love that idea!  She and I also went to her classroom and explored the school.
  • My mom, Jen, her boys, and I went to Ikea for lunch and exploring.  I love Ikea!  And their chocolate!
  • Jeff and I finished up our notebook for our SkillsUSA project, then cooked some delicious steak tacos.  I've really missed cooking!

So I think I've made the most of my four and a half days I had at home between trips.  And I had time to catch up on a ton of blogging, and time to pack for my next adventure.  The only thing I didn't complete from my list was going to get Indian food, which I'll be sure to do once I return next week!

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