Saturday, June 28, 2014

(Lack Of) Things To Do In Kansas City

Good thing the Kansas City trip was only a week, because we kind of ran out of things to do in that little place!  Jeff and I went running most days, and our destination one day was a thrift store!  I found a nice dress there, as well as a nice shirt.  Both vintage, of course!

We also spent a lot of time eating with our friends.  One day we even took the shuttle to Target just to get Starbucks drinks.  Chris went with a nice refreshing water!

We also explored a couple of grocery stores.  Like this really fancy one in the city!  I forgot what it was called, though.  Some fancy name.

One night we went to an amusement park called Worlds of Fun.  We didn't get nearly enough time there, but it was still a lot of fun!  And it was interesting to watch all of the other SkillsUSA participants.

All while trading state pins, of course.  Every participant is given 5 pins of their state that they can trade with other people from other places.  Our advisers always try to collect all of them, so I donated my Delaware pin to them.  Unfortunately, their set was not completed.

We did a lot of sitting around in the lobby where we drank gross water (it had melons or cucumbers marinading in it all day) and talked to our friends.  I found a quinceanera magazine which I read from cover to cover.  From that I can tell you to be sure to pick your ($1,500) dress before you do anything else, because all the decorations should be based off of it.  Also, don't stress too much over your qince, even if you're not used to "been" the center of attention.

That's pretty much all we did this week!  It's been really nice to relax and sleep in, though.

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