Thursday, June 26, 2014

Opening Ceremonies

We think it is kind of funny that opening ceremonies was held after our competition!  It just seems like something that would happen at the very beginning, but it wasn't until last night.

We all laughed a couple of months ago when we learned that we'd be wearing mountain hats and LED light gloves for opening ceremonies.  We can't believe that it actually happened!

The trees made out of a Christmas tree might be my favorite.

But I didn't realize what a party opening ceremonies would be!  Everyone had on crazy hats, flashing lights, and paraded around with big signs for their state.  It was way cool to see that representatives from every single state and territory were in the same building!

I loved their chili pepper hats!

It was all quite overwhelming.  I walked around with the Utah sign for a little bit, out of obligation, but then went back to my seat.  Watching was much more interesting!

Once the ceremony started, we were all in pain from how extremely long it dragged out.  Oh, and it was super boring.  Some people escaped, and some fell asleep, but I sat through the entire thing!

After it was over, we were all ready to go back to the hotel!

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