Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Our Promotional Bulletin Board

Yesterday we had a precontestant meeting where we went and listened to people talk about things we already knew.  It was in preparation for our competition!

Then, since we didn't know when we were presenting today, we got up and six and took the bus over to the convention center to check the list of times.  We didn't have to present until 2:50, so that was a huge waste of getting up early!

#exhausted #welikethiswall 

I wish we could have just gotten it done in the morning, because I was kind of nervous to present!  When I did present, I was pretty shaky and I think that the judges could tell.  But oh well!

We looked at all of the boards and think that our chances are pretty good.  Of course, the interview and the notebooks are worth just as many points, and we don't know how well those went for other teams.  Either way, I'm glad that we got our competition done today so we have the rest of the week to just hang out!

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