Friday, June 27, 2014

The Mall

Our hotel is kind of in the middle of nowhere.  The only places that are in walking distance are Wendy's and Pancho's!  We needed more entertainment than that, so we caught a shuttle which took us to a mall that turned out to only be a mile and a half away.

Chris just had to buy that sweater!  He then carried around the H&M bag for a couple of hours, just because he liked doing so.  Here he is in Hollister, where we went just to scare ourselves with the overwhelming smell of cologne and the vast array of male models without shirts.

We did a lot of shopping in that mall, and by shopping I mostly just mean exploring because we didn't buy much.  For example, we had lots of fun in the Lego store!

My favorite store, however, was the American Girl Store!  I didn't even know they had one, and I was EXTREMELY excited when I discovered this gem in the corner of this mall in the middle of nowhere.  I made the boys spend lots of time in there as I looked at everything!  I actually even went twice.  I love American Girl!

Across from American Girl was something that Jeff was excited about.  Panera!  They don't have those in Utah, so we had to eat there.

It was pretty good!  I actually ate there while I was in Pittsburgh, so I knew what it was all about.  It is indeed a shame that they aren't in Utah!

They had a lot of good options for food at that mall.  The pretzels were amazing!  And I also liked going to Chipotle.

Good thing that mall was there to entertain us!  There's really not that much in Kansas.  Also, I miss my mountains.

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