Friday, July 25, 2014

17 Things We Never Have Done Before (Part 1)

Eths didn't know what he wanted to do for his birthday when I asked him.  It was a really hard decision!  He wanted to do something we've never done before, so then we decided hey, why don't we do 17 things we've never done before!  You know, because he was turning 17.  It turned out being a really fun idea!  We made the list up as we went along.

I do notice the error in my title.

1. We all ran together
We didn't have a picture taking device when we really went running together, so we had to stage this picture.  But yes, it was our first time ever running together!  With this year being Jeff's first season of cross country, and with Eths being gone from practice until this week, we were finally able to participate in this glorious sport together.
2. We were locked out of my house
This was definitely not on purpose.  We were walking out to my car when I realized I forgot my keys.  No matter, I could just go back in for them!  Except for the fact that I locked the house behind me and nobody else was home.  We tried everything we could to break into my house, but it turns out that my house is very secure.  Very frustrating, but comforting at the same time!  Finally I remembered someone who has a key to our house, so we were able to get in, get my keys, and continue on with our journey.

3. We tarried outside of Won Won Wok
We were looking for a place to eat.  Since we were planning on visiting my aunt's classroom, we headed up that way and were dismayed to discover the lack of places to eat in the area.  We drove around for a really long time, and ended up sitting in front of a Chinese restaurant for a while.  We all had our iPhones out, researching places we could eat (I decided I don't like Siri all that well).  Finally we decided on a place, but it was in the direction we came from!

4. We ate at Koi
I've been to Koi countless times, of course.  It is one of my favorites!  However, Jeff and Eths have never been there, so we decided it was the perfect fit for our adventure.  It was super delicious and fun!

5. We toured a model home
We saw a sign for a model home, and realized that that is an adventure we have never had!  We felt really awkward going in, and Eths and I decided that we would pretend to be Chinese foreign exchange students so that we wouldn't have to talk to anybody that might question why three teenagers are going to a model home.  But then we decided that if anyone asks, it is part of our interior design summer homework.  It ended up not being awkward though!  Nobody questioned us!  And it was super fun.

6. We had gummy bear snow cones
We always go to the same snow cone shacks, so it was time to mix it up.  We also tried flavors that we normally wouldn't go for!  They weren't that great of snow cones, but they made us laugh because there was a gummy bear at the bottom of each cup.  Must be their trademark!

7. We went to a locally grown fruit store in search of raspberries
I've been looking for a flat of locally grown raspberries so that my mom and I can make some jam.  No luck at this place, though!  Just a bunch of old people selling honey and melons.

8. We pulled the lever of a slot machine
This was in another model home that I will tell you about later.  It was a little awkward how loud this slot machine was, I'm pretty sure it could be heard all around the house!  We ran away from the obnoxious noise.

After number 8, Eths had to go to work.  But that is okay, because we have two more day to complete our list!  Check back tomorrow for more!

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