Saturday, July 26, 2014

17 Things We Never Have Done Before (Part 2)

In this post I shall proceed to explain the things we did in celebration of Ethan's birthday.  They had to be things that we've never done together before, so we had to get creative!

9. We got Ethan's hand stuck in the window
On accident of course!  We were heading to Hobby Lobby, a place where we often find ourselves, in my car with the windows down.  That's what you have to do when you don't have AC!  But when big, gross trucks drive by sending toxic fumes about, we always roll up my windows.  Jeff wasn't watching when he did that though!  So here is a staged picture of what happened.  And don't worry, Ethan assures us that it didn't hurt at all!

10. We washed my car in the dark
I was commenting on how gross my car is, because I park under a tree with lots of birds living in it.  Ethan insisted that we wash my car, and I'm happy that he did!  Of course, it rained that night...but whatever.

11. We built an airplane
It's really not every day that you do that!  We started building a cute airplane for my mom's travel themed 2nd grade classroom.  It was pretty time consuming!  I'll show the finished product to you eventually.

12. We walked through walls
We found ourselves at another model home.  They are just so much fun!  The basement wasn't finished in this one, so we got to walk right through the walls.  Pretty impressive, am I right?!

13. We saw the dogs at PetSmart
We go to PetSmart a lot...  mostly for fish related reasons!  But we have never been on a Saturday, which is when they have the dogs there.  It was so fun seeing them, they are all so cute!  But at the same time it kind of made me sad.  Especially the little ones who were so scared they were shaking!  Everybody please go adopt a dog!  That's where we adopted my BFF Shakee, maybe your BFF is there too!  But only if you'd be a loving and responsible owner, of course.

14. We bought medicine for a fish
We went to PetSmart to get medicine for Coral, Ethan's fish that I fishsat last week.  Apparently ever since he went back home, he started growing some suspicious fungus and became more solitary.  It is probably my fault ahhh!  But that is okay, because all he needed was two drops of fish medicine.  That's right, he is all better now!

15. We visited my mom's classroom
My mom has been working like crazy in her new classroom, and it is coming together so well!  I'll have to show you guys when it is complete.  Anyway, we took her some lunch, and Ethan saw her classroom for the first time!  And both Jeff and Eths got to see our finished airplane all hung up!

So... we didn't quite make it to 17 in our goal time.  So technically that means Eths is only 15!  But that is okay, we decided that we can finish our next two eventually because hey, we make the rules here!

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