Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Fortunate Week

What a fortunate week!  No really, I've been pretty lucky.

Last week my phone started having problems, and so I was kind of freaking out because I definitely do not have the money for a new phone at this point (currently job hunting).  After calling smart people and trying different things to make it work, my dad tried fixing it and it kind of started working better.  He fixed the main problem (it repeatedly crashed and vibrated strangely until you took out the battery), but he still came home with a surprise for me yesterday.  A new phone!

An iPhone nonetheless!  We are not really an iPhone type of family, but we decided that it suites my style, and I've actually really liked it!  Coming from an Android, I really miss swype and how you could basically do anything you want with your phone (there's not as much freedom with iPhones).  But there are some things about the iPhone which I prefer, which include the size (so slim!) and the voicemail system.

A couple of days ago I borrowed my grandpa's Garmin watch to test out while running because those are the ultimate GPS watches.  I know a lot of people with Garmins, so I knew that they were quality!  In fact, later that night, even before I tested out my grandpa's, my moms and I made a deal that I could get a Garmin watch this year instead of new school clothes.  My mom told me that normal people usually wear the same outfit more than once a school year (why hasn't anyone told me that before?) and I was just eager about the fact that I wouldn't have to spend any of my money, haha.  It was definitely a win-win-win deal, because the watch was less money than we usually spend on clothes for me, there's no more room in my closet for new clothes (like....literally...it is ridiculous), and hey, I got a GPS watch!

And man, I am really loving it.  I've been good about getting the right mileage this cross country season, and that is 56 times more convenient now that I can track it right on my arm!  The Nike+ app served me well for many years, but running while holding your phone is a terrible thing.  So I totally recommend a Garmin watch!  Plus they come in cute colors, awh!

Last, but definitely not least, is this incredibly amazing water bottle that I found at Smith's this week.  A girl in my ward has the same one, and when I saw it, I had to ask where she found it!

Now it just looks like a normal, unsuspecting water bottle, am I right?  Well, that is where you are wrong, my friends, because this water bottle is much more than what meets the eye.  It.... sprays mist!  Unfortunately my camera could not capture this miraculous occurrence, so you will just have to imagine it.

It cost me freaking $17, but I think it has been worth it.  I just wish I knew that they are only $13 on Amazon!  But really, it is so wonderful to spray mist on your face after a long run.  Or just to take in the car with you when your AC doesn't work!  Haha, Jeff, Eths, and I have already drove all over town relying on just this water bottle to keep us alive (instead of dying of heat)!

Anyway, this turned into a much wordier post than I thought it would, but I like to share good news when I have it!

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