Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Night At The Carnival

Every year, the carnival comes to a city near us, so we always take the evening to go get some delicious corn dogs and ribbon fries!

It's been a tradition since when my grandparents were dating!  My grandma always tells me the cute story about how, when she was young, she missed the carnival because she had to work until 11:00 (and it closes at 10:30 or something).  When she finished her shift, my grandpa picked her up and drove her right to the carnival, where the corn dog guy had saved 2 corn dogs just for them!  They sat and ate them as the carnival was being taken down around them.

My mom was feeling spontaneous this year, and decided that we should ride some rides for the first time in years.  She bought us all tickets (which are extremely overpriced), and we went on a super spinny ride!

I'm pretty sure it gave us whiplash!  I don't know what to think about that ride.  I was definitely fun, but I probably wouldn't do it again - I felt sick for a while after!

Seiji and some of his friends decided to do another spinny ride for some reason!  The rest of us sat out for that one and watched.

By then, Seiji was feeling sick too, so we watched Nathan and Kylie go on some more rides!  Haha I don't know how they did it!

We were pretty much out of tickets by then, so we decided to use up the rest of our tickets on a family carousel ride.

I think that carousels are so magical!  The sun was setting by that point, which really added to the effect.  

And that is all!  What a fun night it was, I am really glad that we went to the carnival.  We didn't expect to have such a blast!  Plus, Chris leaves next week, so it was great to spend some time with him.

I hope that you also enjoyed this beautiful summer evening!

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