Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Eths Is Home!

Jeff and I are so excited because our BFF Eths is home!

No really, we have been looking forward to our reunion with Eths for a long time!  He left for China two days after I did, but he was doing a month long study abroad type thing and now he is an official Chinese major according to the certificate he got.  Smart boy!

So even though he is still very jet lagged, we made him hang out with us.  I had him choose where we went for lunch, and he chose Thai food.  Why?  Because he is going to get Thai food with his aunt in a couple of days, so he wanted to make sure it was good before he went.  Makes sense.

It was delicious!

Even though we were full, we then went to go get snow cones.  I was sure Eths would be dying for one after being gone for so long, but he claimed that he really did like the snow cones in China!  But at the same time, he convinced Jeff and I that he drank kitten sweat, and that his adviser had a kitten just so he could harvest the sweat to drink and to use on suede shoes.  So who really knows.

After that, we went back to my house.  Jeff and I had to make sure Eths wouldn't go to sleep or else he would never recover, so we stayed busy by creating some quality sculptures!  We made pigs and stacking elephants.  Eths turned his elephant into a chamelephant!

Then we traveled to Jeff's house where we were going to make patriotic macarons.  But then we decided that we might as well make them look like French flags in honor of Bastille days next week!

But... they did not turn out pretty at all.  They tasted delicious, but they were so ugly that they didn't deserve to be macarons!  So we just frosted them and called them "French Almond Cookies Glacage".

We dropped them off at various people's houses, and that's when the party ended.  What a good day!  It is wonderful having the half-Caucasian crew back together!

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