Saturday, July 12, 2014

Favorites Of The Week

I went to Youth Conference!  Most of it, that is.  It was fun, we did some 'hiking' (a nature walk, in my opinion), volunteered at a food place (I sorted cans), and had a cultural potluck (I brought sukiyaki!)

Seiji was invited to an art show by some little old lady who comes to the shop he works at.  So he, Kylie, Nathan, and I went to her house and checked out some of her art.  It was pretty awkward, because we were the only ones there!  But the lady was adorable and gave us free prints.

We also bought 50 Fat Boys for $15!  They are so good!  A truck comes to our city once a month and sells the faulty ones for that great deal.

Liam is quite the dancer!  He loves dancing all the time, so I had him dance for me while I took pictures.

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