Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Other Things We Did While Camping

When my family goes camping, the main thing we do is eat.  But, other than eating and going to Cove Fort, we did do a couple of other things!

I enjoyed visiting the Fremont Indian museum.  It was pretty interesting!  It is weird to think that there were Native American villages right where we were standing.  I don't know how they survived the heat, though!

Speaking of the heat, we sweated to death on the "Parade of Rocks", which was basically just a walkway where we could see all of the rock art.  It was really cool!  But I didn't have the energy to get a close up, so sorry.

My grandma and I love to visit antique stores on our travels, so we were excited to see this sign!

It was a great antique store!  It was an old house packed full of antiques!  They had everything.

We also drove around quite a lot, like most people do on road trips.  And we hung around camp for a while!  In the shade, of course, it was way too hot to sit in the sun.  I was entertained by watching this cool dog who could jump super high!

Anyway, our camping trip was super fun.  I do love camping, but I am terrible at it.  So 2 nights was just perfect for me!

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