Sunday, July 6, 2014

Rogers Retreat

I had been home for a total of 9 summer days before my family decided that it was time for a spontaneous camping trip!  We left on Friday, and about an hour into our drive we had to stop.  Not that we wanted to, but our tire had a giant slit down the middle of it from running over some unknown object!

It was nothing to worry, about, of course.  With two mechanics with us (my grandpa and my brother) we were able to get the spare tire on quick!

We were soon off again on our adventure!  Where were we going?  To Rogers Retreat of course!  My uncle bought some property which he has been turning into a campground complete with cabins and everything.  It is looking great so far!

But I must say that it was incredibly hot there.  We were dying for the first hour!  Seiji and I were so hot, we adopted my grandma's wet bandanna style.  I stuck some ice cubes in mine for extra cool-off power, while Seiji melted ice cubes on his stomach.

After a 4-wheeler ride, the weather cooled down a lot, and we sat around and relaxed.

As the sun went down, I got this amazing sunset picture!  The colors were amazing!

After the sun set, we drove into Fillmore.  Since it was the 4th of July, we went to see the firework show.  The whole town showed up to the fair grounds for it - it was so empty!  Haha, I love small towns!  We got the most amazing spot, and never before have I seen such an amazing fireworks show.  The fireworks were right above us and took up the entire sky!  Though we were about 75 meters from where they were being lit off, there was a slight breeze so no ashes fell on us!  I was quite deaf after, though.

After that, we were exhausted.  We headed back up to camp where we went to sleep!

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