Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Second Day Of Cross Country Camp

I am very happy that it was overcast and slightly chilly today, because we would have died of heat otherwise.  Today's trail had no shade!

But man, it was gorgeous!  It was a trail with rolling hills (no crazy huge hills that make you want to cry) right next to the lake.  I was so entertained by the scenery!

Do you like how I wear this shirt every year?

Jeff and I decided to do an extra mile just for fun, and I'm glad that we did!  We were totally capable of it, and it was a fun way to spend some time that would otherwise be used just waiting around for the slower folk.

After that, we went to a campground to eat lunch and play some messy games.  People were also jumping into the lake which looked so fun!  I definitely would have done it had I not been so freezing cold already.

Anyway, what a great day!

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