Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Farmers Market

Jeff is in San Francisco this week, and I miss him!  But that is okay, because today I have a whole post about the fun time we had in Provo last Saturday!

My point, actually, is to raise awareness of the Farmers Market that happens every Saturday in Provo.  I didn't know that they had one!  So of course, Jeff and I had to go check it out.

It was pretty cool.  There wasn't very much to see or buy, though, which was a shame.  It went probably only a quarter of the perimeter of the park, and they didn't even sell raspberries!  But it was still a lot of fun to walk through.  It looked like there was some good food being sold, but we thought it would be worth it to walk a couple of blocks over to our favorite taco stand - and it was!

Dang those tacos are good.  If you ever get a chance, stop by Rocco's Tacos!  Cheapest and most delicious lunch ever.  Plus then you are pretty close to Unhinged, so you might as well swing by there as well!

Jeff and I also paid a visit to Cat's Cradle, because we really do love that place.  We were super impressed with how nice it is looking!  It used to be kind of an overwhelming mess, but now it is much more neat and approachable!  Not that I have anything against messes of antiques, in fact, those are my favorite kind of messes, but I do think that their improvements will draw a bigger crowd.  And it already has - there were more (alive) people than just Jeff and I in the store!

It was getting unbearably hot outside by then, so we stopped by the Asian Market (which was surprisingly well-stocked) to get some candy that they don't sell at the Asian Market that we usually go to.  Then it was off to home!  I like Provo.

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