Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Obon Festival

I was so excited for The Obon Festival this year, and it definitely wasn't a letdown!  Unfortunately the evening did not start with my grandma's delicious cooking like it usually does, but we did still get to go to her house to get dressed.  We really couldn't do it without her!

Then we traveled to Salt Lake City.  We got there a little bit early so we had time to watch the taiko drummers.  They were very cool!

We also had time to get some pictures.  Jeff came with us and was our official photographer, which we really appreciated!

We made Jeff wear our happi coat!

I was so happy that Kylie was able to dance with us this year!  It was fun to start her out on this tradition, because she will probably now be dancing for many years to come!

It was quite busy at the festival, but we were finally able to locate our family in the crowd!

Eventually it was time to dance!  The dances are like muscle memory to us now, after so many years of dancing.  It was very hot this year, though!

It was a beautiful evening, and it continued to get even more beautiful as the sun went down and the lanterns lit up!

At the very end, the public gets to join us for the last two songs.  It is always so much fun!  I taught Jeff the dances, and he caught on quickly.  Even Seiji danced this year!

Afterwards, as the tradition goes, we went to The Salt Lake Roasting Company for some cheesecake and Italian sodas.  They were so delicious, and the perfect way to end a perfect evening!


Anonymous said...


Oh WOW!! Your Kimono looks adorable I very much love the butterflies with the flowers! Did you make them and are they made from silk?


Madi Riye said...

Thank you very much! My yukata has been in my family for a long time, I love it! It is made out of cotton, which is much better than silk for this hot summer occasion, haha. Someday I'd like to make or buy a silk one, though!
-Madi Riye

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