Thursday, July 31, 2014

Third Day Of Cross Country Camp

I was very disappointed to learn that we weren't going to do our traditional last day run this year!  Apparently buses can't make it up to that trail, and there were too many kids to provide cars for.  What a shame.  But I was excited to try out this new trail, which is pretty close to home!  But I guess going to it wasn't entirely thought out, because the bus wasn't supposed to go farther than a certain four way stop... so we ended up having to run to the trailhead, which added two extra miles to our original run!  I was okay with that - 10 miles is the distance of our usual ending run.

Our old coach came to run with us!  We were excited to see him!  Now that he is athletic director at our school, he can't coach any sport in particular.  But we will remain his favorite.

I don't have any pictures of the run itself, but it was surprisingly beautiful!  You'd never think that such a beautiful area existed so close to the suburbs.  I accidentally lost my group for three or four miles, but it was so serene to be running through shady forests all alone.  Yes, I know that's not safe, but don't worry, I made sure to find my group as soon as I could!

The first half was completely downhill, so of course it felt awesome.  The second half was harder, since it was basically all uphill.  But it was still doable, and Jeff and I finished feeling great!

Now I'm a little bit sunburnt!  But we were lucky again with the weather today, because it really wasn't that hot.

We then went to a place for lunch, "guest" speakers, and ice baths.  I loved that ice bath!  It wasn't too freezing cold, but still cold enough.  You could climb up a waterfall to a deep pool where you could just stand and get your ice bath in!  So much fun!  But I don't have a picture of that, haha.

And that concludes cross country camp!  It was a really fun week, and the fact that Jeff was there made it even more enjoyable.  We were super lucky with the weather, and I loved the trails that we ran.  I really can't believe that it was my last camp, but that is kind of a wonderful thing because it just means that I'm moving on to bigger things!

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