Monday, July 28, 2014

We Love Model Homes

Model homes are so much fun!  Last week, when my friends and I discovered that going to model homes is not awkward, we decided to go to as many as we could find.  Unfortunately they are hard to find, and sometimes our phones lie to us about where they are (plus Siri is no help... she thinks we are looking for modeling agencies!)  But we were able to find some!

It is like going through someone's house!  It is so fun to see all of the little details, because they really put a lot of time into those things.

Eths took this picture and I think it is awesome.

Each of us have our favorite things in the houses: Eths is always sure to open and close the washers and dryers, Jeff always makes sure that all of the metals match in each room, and I am obsessed with the huge closets in houses these days!

Some model houses are decorated really ugly, though.  We went to an Ivory homes one, and we expected it to be pretty good.  But their style was way too ridiculous!

Then tiny bathroom with black and white checkered floors.  With that wallpaper?  Ew.

That was a very interesting house to see.  But other houses are gorgeous, I loved this gray room!

It had two closets!  This whole closet thing is really making me rethink my dreams of having a fixed up old house.  The closets in them would simply be too small!  Haha!

Anyway, that is my post on model homes for you.  They are really interesting, and I'll probably stop at every model home I see from now on.  If you are into the same kind of thing, I recommend that you check one out.  I promise that it is not awkward!

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