Friday, August 29, 2014

An Evening At The Thanksgiving Point Gardens

This evening, my mom and I decided that we should take advantage of the awesome discounts that come with my employment at Thanksgiving Point.  So we called up some of my friends as well as my auntie, who has a membership.  And then we were off!

My goodness, it was beautiful!  We went at the perfect time of day, it was a wonderful temperature outside and not too bright.

And there were hardly any people!  I think we saw maybe two other families.  I've only ever been to these gardens during The Tulip Festival, so I've only ever seen it crowded.  Turns out it is much better when you have it all to yourself!

We stayed until after dark in those gardens, exploring everything and feeding the fish (who are absolutely insane!  They climb all over each other in order to eat the food!)  It was such a nice, peaceful evening.  I hope to go as many times as possible before the gardens close for the season!

I'm quite frustrated with this IT band strap thing.

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