Sunday, August 10, 2014

Animals Inside Out

I do love The Leonardo!  They always have the coolest exhibits.  This season they have a Body Worlds Production called "Animals Inside Out".  We decided that that would be very interesting to see, so we went!

They use some process called plastination on dead bodies (dying of natural causes, of course) to preserve them.  Then they put them on display.  Very weird!

I didn't take many pictures of the mammals, because I was so distracted by them.  I only remembered to take a picture at the very end, of this camel!

I must admit that I was slightly disturbed by this exhibit.  It was a little bit unsettling.  Of course, the fact that the animals were not harmed for this exhibit makes me feel much better.  It is just crazy to see the insides of these animals - it is really not every day that you get the chance!

The fun thing about The Leonardo is that you get access to the entire museum, not just the traveling exhibit.  And they always switch it up!  This time they had a really informational museum about water, and how we are going to run out of it by 2050 at the rate we are going.

Kylie and I really enjoyed this dome which was just made of cardboard and binder clips.  That would be a cool project to do if I someday have awesome kids who like that kind of thing!

And that was about it for The Leonardo.  Good reviews on this exhibit!  Still not as good as the mummies, but much better than others.  We ended our museum experience with a walk through the fountain to the library where we got Italian sodas!

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