Friday, August 1, 2014

Bike Rides And Motorhomes

My grandparents invited everyone up to their house so that we could check out their new motorhome and celebrate Audrie and Arissa's birthday which is tomorrow!  Alli recently got a cute new bike so she, Jeff, Audrie, Arissa, and I decided to go on a bike ride after dinner.  It was way fun!  We may have gotten a bit lost, but we were so busy singing songs and chatting that it didn't even matter.

We saw a lot of things on our bike ride.  I loved looking at the houses, there were super huge new ones as well as beautiful old ones!

Soon it was about to get dark, so we found our way back to our granny's.  Audrie and Arissa were sure to say 'hi' to everybody we passed on the way back!

The adventures didn't end there, of course!  We went back to find our family in my grandparent's HUGE new motorhome!  That thing was bigger than the average bus!  It is so nice inside.  I hope to someday go "camping" in it!  We explored all around it, then our uncle took us all on a little drive.

It was super fun because all of us kids sat in the dark on the bed in the back.  We had a tiny little window that we watched out of!

We soon returned back to my grandparents house because the adults decided against a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas.  That's okay, though, because we then were able to sing to Audrie and Arissa and eat the delicious (and adorable) cake that Alli made!

In conclusion, I had the most wonderful evening tonight.  I love my family so much, it was a ton of fun spending time with them!

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