Saturday, August 2, 2014

Favorites Of The Week

Seiji loves cooking steak!  The other day I mentioned that I was hungry, and he said that Kylie was hungry too.  So he took us to the store for some steaks which he cooked up.  He's really good at it!

Jeff FINALLY got his temple recommend renewed!  We decided to go to the Provo temple, even though it is quite a drive to get there.  We had never been there before - it was gorgeous!

On our way home we stopped at the mall mostly because I really wanted a pretzel.  But we did check out some shops!

I've been babysitting Liam and Desmond this week.  It is so much fun, I'm not even kidding!  They are so well behaved and absolutely adorable.  Not to mention easy to entertain thanks to televisions and video games!

He really didn't want to get up from his nap.  Don't worry, I completely understood the feeling and didn't make him!

I love my Shakee!  He is such a good watchdog.

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