Friday, August 22, 2014

Favorites Of The Week

Eths, Jeff, and I went to go get snow cones on Monday night.  It was our favorite shack's last day for the season, and our last day before school, so we just had to!

I've really missed spending all day long with my Shakee!  Luckily, since I've only been to six class periods this week, I was still able to hang out with him a little bit.

He's always keeping watch on our entire family!

We went to the Senior Sunrise!  Not something I'd normally go to, I know, but I figure that I should be attending all of the senior events since I won't be a senior again until I'm 65 or so.

My IT band has been hurting again (it happens every year around this same time), and so my first step towards recovery was getting new shoes!  I love love love these Nikes, they are so light and fantastic.  And they look awesome!  I predict, though, that they are going to get absolutely filthy pretty soon here.  As you can see, they already have some dirt on them!

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