Thursday, August 28, 2014

Favorites Of The Week

This week's meets were only two miles each!  Thank goodness!  Our first one was pretty boring... I don't love running around and around a high school field!  Plus my IT band was hurting me.  Ahh!  But I really really love this picture Eths, Jeff, and I got.

I'm not the only injured one... Jeff's knees have been hurting him!  So we've looked pretty classy walking around with our bands and braces.

Notice our SkillsUSA shirts in that last picture?  We've had to wear Skills shirts three days in a row this week to promote the opening social and to represent in an assembly.  The social was on Thursday and was lots of fun!
Good old Sarah agreed to be our third team member this year.  What a fantastic girl she is, she's going to be perfect!

I've been liking organic chemistry, but it has been a little bit frustrating that I don't remember chemistry as well as everyone else.  Most people took it last year, but I took it my sophomore year... that was forever ago!  Good thing I have Jeff to help me!

And of course, your weekly Shakee pictures.  We think his long hair has been bugging him by getting in his face, so we introduced him to some hair accessories.  We were surprised by how long he kept them in!

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