Saturday, August 23, 2014

Meets This Week

Our coach is killing us!  Two meets in one week?!  For three weeks in a row?  I'm not going to survive this!  But I do love my coach so it's okay.

This week we ran at Sugarhouse for the Highland invitational.  It went pretty good, I guess!  I don't love that course, but it's not the worst of them.

I finished with a decent time and then hung around waiting for the boys to finish their race.  They did really good, they got like 3rd place or something! So they all got a heroic picture together, and I laughed pretty hard at the sight.  Good old Jeff and Ethsies being all modest!

We were blessed with perfect weather that day.  It rained a tiny bit, but it wasn't cold (nor was it hot).  Then we got this spectacular rainbow!  I was just a shame that we had to pick between getting ourselves or the rainbow clearly in the picture, haha.

The other race we ran was Soldier Hollow.  I love that course so much!  It is a trail run with the perfect amount of hills...although they changed the course and put in a super super hard hill.  That wasn't very nice of them.  Unfortunately I was feeling pretty sick for this race, and had it been any other course I wouldn't have ran it.  It was enjoyable and relaxing in a way, though.  Because I was about to puke, I did pretty badly...but I got 8th place (and a dog-tag of recognition for it) so that was cool!

That's the only picture I got of that race... which is too bad because it was beautiful up there!

So those were my races this week.  Pretty good stuff except now I'm exhausted and want to sleep for a couple of weeks.

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