Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Mom's First Contract Day!

Today is my mom's first contract day as a 2nd grade teacher!

We had to get a couple of pictures of her around her school just for fun!

I'm really excited about this new adventure of hers!  Being an elementary school teacher is the perfect fit for my mom, and it is so awesome to see all of her hard work becoming worth it.  She's been super busy though!  I must say that she has put together the cutest classroom I have ever seen.

The school theme is traveling, so my mom decided to go with it.  I'm glad she did!  My friend and I made this airplane for her as well as these clouds.

This is my favorite corner!  I love that rug so much, I really want to buy one but wouldn't have the use for it!

She has little touches of culture in different places of her room as well as little travel themed objects.

I think that her idea for this map is super fun!  She is going to ask parents to come in and give little presentations of another country or state every now and then.  Then she will put a picture of it on her board, since her students will have "traveled" there!

Pretty adorable, right?!  She is going to be the most fun teacher ever!

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