Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Farmers Market

Us ladies decided that we need to get away before the school year starts!  Not wanting to go too far (and because we wanted to save money) we just decided that we would spend the day and night in Salt Lake City!  So we left early today, and went straight to our first destination: the Farmers Market!

There were so many fun things to see!  I was really drawn to all of the handmade soap stands, and I don't know why.  I was fighting the temptation to buy some soap, especially the ones with oatmeal in them, but now I wish that I did buy some!

There were tons of interesting jewelry stands to see, and I enjoyed stopping at a film photographer's stand.  The whole atmosphere was just so cool, with all the different smells and sounds!  I think I need a piano on wheels like this guy's.

And of course, the food was great!  I don't know how they grow their vegetables so beautifully!

There were a lot of delicious fruity treats, too.  Carol bought some fruit and cream, and my mom and I had to buy some peach ice cream!  It was so good!

The Farmers Market was the perfect way to start off our Ladies Trip.  I'd really like to go back if I get the chance!

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