Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Grass Relays

I really shouldn't have, but I ran the grass relays yesterday!  Yes, I am injured and won't heal until I take it easy, but I couldn't just miss one of my favorite races!

This course is a horrible, horrible course.  All of the high school field ones are!  But this particular race is fantastic,  Because we get to jump over bales of hay!

It is the coolest feeling flying over those, and it actually doesn't tire you out too much.  You just have to be really careful not to fall, because it is highly likely!  Especially in the boys races, they just go way too fast!

It is also a huge plus that this race is only 2 miles.  I didn't run too badly for being injured, but I am definitely feeling it today!  Owch.

Good meet, good meet!  I'm so glad that my family came out to support me, that was super sweet of them!  Unfortunately my dad and brother left before this picture was taken, but still!

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