Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Living Planet Aquarium

Today Jeff and I went back to the aquarium!  Remember when we went in April for Prom?  Well, since it wasn't all the way completed, they gave us each a free ticket to come back when it was all finished!  We kind of forgot about those free tickets, so good thing we remembered - they expire at the end of this month!

I actually don't think there was that much more to see than when we went before... but I was fascinated by this mysterious creature!

And I really like the starfish!  But I don't like touching them all that much.

This one looks like a dinosaur!!  So adorable!

Since it was just me and Jeff, we got to spend as much time as we wanted taking pictures.  I'm so glad that I remembered to bring my SLR this time!

I like how humid they make it in the South America room.  I think it smells good!  The fish are weird, though, some of them are gigantic and some of them have funny smiles.  I love the turtles!

We were glad that the line wasn't so long to go across the rope bridge!  We didn't get a chance to do that last time, so we were sure to do it this time even though I was wearing a skirt.

The penguins make me laugh so much!  They just stand around all day!

We also checked out the Utah room, which wasn't that interesting because I see all that stuff on every camping trip.  But we did have a fun time going through the gift shop!

If you ever get a chance to, I recommend checking out The Living Planet Aquarium!  I'm glad that I got to go again!

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I love the starfishes too, the one that looks like a dinosaur is totes adorbs

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