Monday, August 11, 2014

Urban Flea Market

We didn't even realize that the Urban Flea Market was going on, so we had to stop by when we saw the signs!  It is every Sunday in Salt Lake City, and it is awesome!

We were all surprised with how good the prices were.  I wanted to buy everything!  But I limited myself and bought just one vintage necklace.  How couldn't I, it was only $1!  Kylie also found a great deal on the most beautiful vintage brooch!

I really liked the edge, where there were lots of cute vintage trailers lined up.  This particular one was selling old maps - so cool!

I was very impressed by the variety of things to be bought at this flea market.  The only other flea market I've been to was in Hawaii many years ago (and that was actually called a "swap meet"), so it was very fun to go to another.  I'd definitely go again!

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