Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bob Firman Invitational (2014)

Good old Bob!  It is all thanks to that wonderful coach/math teacher that Idaho participates in cross country and has this wonderful race to offer.  Haha, it is just too bad that we went to the park at 9:00 and my race wasn't until 2:40.  But that is okay, because I had plenty of fun hanging around with my friends!

The weather was perfect for a race day, overcast and chilly but not rainy nor freezing.  We set up "camp" right next to where they were selling the "merch", so of course we all had to buy t-shirts!

I LOVE these shirts!  I really wish that I bought the shirt last year, but I guess I wasn't as cool back then.

Anyway, I watched my team and cheered them on as they raced.  Finally it was time for me to warm up for mine!  On my warm up, some boy stopped me and begged me to kiss him on the cheek in front of his friends.  I stood there for a second and then ran away, haha!  But now I feel kind of bad, maybe I should have just done it.

I do love this course.  It is so diverse, it starts as a trail run, turns into your normal grassy park, then all of a sudden you are running on the beach.  A fake one, of course.  But still fun!  I was hurting a little at first, but I actually ran better than I thought I would.  And I enjoyed the whole thing!

My race was the final one our team was waiting for, so it was cleanup time after that.  I payed Jake $1 to steal me a flag for a souvenir.... it's not really allowed but everyone takes them anyway!

Then it was off to the awards ceremony.  While we were waiting, our boys put on a little dancing show for everyone.  Quite a few people joined in!

Finally good old Bob came out and announced the winners.  Us JV girls got 2nd place!  Wooh!

I shook Bob Firman's hand!  #bestdayever

Then it was off to home.  I had a wonderful weekend with my team who I love so much!

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