Sunday, September 7, 2014

Club Rush

This week was Club Rush!  Being in the SkillsUSA presidency, I had to be at our booth during flex and lunch in the uniform or in SkillsUSA attire to promote our club.  I had a lot of fun being there!  Dustin and G had the great idea to have a photobooth so that potential members could feel the power of the red jacket.  I must admit that that was exactly what drew me in last year.  Those red jackets are amazing!

What is even cooler is that G was printing out the pictures as we went along.  So of course I had to get some with all my friends who passed by!


They're not online yet, so that's why I had to take pictures of pictures (amateur move, I know).  I wanted to share them with you anyway because they make me happy.  I'm really enjoying being in the SkillsUSA presidency!  It's a sweet gig, since we really are the coolest club in the school.  And I love love love my fellow presidency members!

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