Friday, September 12, 2014

Favorites Of The Week

I replied to Jeff!  Homecoming - woot!
I LOVE this vintage stationary my grammy game me!  Haha!

I always enjoy our cross country fundraisers.  Instead of doing horrible things like selling useless stuff to people, we work at elementary school carnivals!  Jeff and I were on face-painting duty, and lets just say that I feel pretty bad for most of those kids who trusted me with their faces...

One day this week, I was in serious need of some ice cream.  Good thing I have cool friends who are up for 9 am ice cream trips!

Jeff, Eths, his brother, and I went on a much needed temple trip!  I love love love the temple!  But you know that.
How cute is this shirt that I found at D.I.?!

Despite my injured IT band, I was able to race on Saturday without being in too much pain!  Being able to run really is such a blessing, and I can't wait until I can run as regularly and as hard as usual.

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