Saturday, September 20, 2014

Favorites Of The Week

KESS LEAVES SO SOON and it is freaking me out!  In order to spend more time with each other, we decided to have weekly breakfast dates.  We went to Kneaders for our first one!  Of course, that ended up with me eating cake for breakfast... but who even cares?!

I cut my finger at work.  Definitely bu hao, but it was a tiny cut so it wasn't that bad.  I just had to laugh with the first-aid kit I was supplied with for my 'injury'!
Do you think there's enough band-aids?

Alli and I decided that we needed some serious bonding time.  Conveniently, she and her sisters were at my grandma's house for the weekend.  So I got to spend time with all three of them!  I spend one night at my granny's and am already suffering from withdrawals from her fabulous cooking.

My grandma took us to a farmer's market!  I love those things!

At the Market, I couldn't resist buying this delicious pumpkin butter.  No, I have not idea what I'm going to use it for... but pumpkins are the best!

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