Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Favorites Of The Week

I got breakfast with Kess again, yay!  And this time, Allie joined so it was double the party!  We drove 20 minutes away to an apparently amazing crepe place they wanted me to try, but it turns out they don't open until 11.  Seriously?!  Aren't crepes breakfast?!  Who eats breakfast at 11?  But it was okay, because we went to IHOP instead and Allie was only mildly late to class.  Oh, and I forgot to take a picture so Kess and I had a bit of a drawing party.

I didn't even know that Masey worked at Thanksgiving Point until last week when I stumbled across her name on a bulletin board in a break room!  This week we finally got to see each other at work when I gave her an event paper - best day ever!  We then ate Starbursts and giggled.  I love my job!

My mom found these glasses, and the two of us could not decide who they belonged to.  I thought maybe they were Ethan's, but I guess they're not.  Now I suspect that they are my dad's, but we keep forgetting to ask him!

Chris has been sending me some pictures he's taken on his mission!  He is also telling me all of his adventure stories, and it is the greatest thing ever to hear from him every Monday.  Yay missionaries!

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