Sunday, September 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

I love love love Sarah.  I think that she is so amazing!

We met when we were just kids.  We were in some elementary school classes together, but I don't exactly remember which ones.  She was actually Seiji's friend first, but now she's mine - HA!  Anyway, so we've always been friends though there were many years where we never actually hung out.

But once track started up back in Jr. High, Sarah and I have been pretty close!  I love that she does track (and cross country this year!), because she keeps me entertained while I'm running.  She's just a great conversationalist!  The two of us can talk for hours and hours, whether it be about boys, the future, boys, school, boys, etc.  Haha.  We have fun!

Another great thing about Sarah is that she is always up for an adventure!  I feel like I can call her whenever, and she won't think I'm crazy for wanting to just go on a bike ride or a midnight run to Kohl's.  She's also a good friend to go to the temple with!

She's even always up for modeling for me!  A lot of girls think that they would want to model, but don't take into account that I plan on taking lots and lots of pictures, and it may take me quite a while to find the perfect settings.  Sarah is always patient with me and looks good in every picture - definitely a plus!

Sarah is just hilarious and spectacular.  I feel so blessed to have her in my life!  Though we don't spend every single second of our lives together, it is such a wonderful thing to know that she is always there for me.  She's a great friend!

So Sarah, I hope that you have had the most wonderful birthday!  Thank you for everything!

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