Thursday, September 25, 2014

Retro Roller Skating

Guys, I LOVE being in the SkillsUSA presidency at my school!  I'm so glad that G randomly asked me to be the communications officer while I was in Hong Kong.  Haha!  My fellow members are just so great and we have a lot of fun.  We also are good at getting things done!

Us presidency kids were in charge of planning the September social, and after lots and lots of thinking (we considered "glow in the bark" (which involves dogs and glow in the dark paint) and night games in the school), we decided that roller skating would be the way to go, especially because they have $1 Thursdays - perfect!

We then tried to decide on a theme, which was hard because we were trying to be creative.  We thought about making it breakfast food themed or perhaps underwater sea creature themed, but we eventually decided to just go with the most common theme.  Retro!  We made awesome posters with a 90s banana print on them and used all of Baileys 5 foot 8 inches to hang them where all could see.

And it was tonight!  My mom snapped a few pictures of Eths, Jeff, and I before we headed up to the roller skating place.

Thanks to Ethan, we got a late start, but it ended up being okay because not tons of people were there in the beginning anyway!

We all had tons of fun roller skating, though I almost died like four times and roller skating is not easy on the IT Band.  We were disappointed that they didn't have any 80s music nor any Celine Dion!   I could have really used the Titanic theme.  Haha, but it was all good anyway.

At the end, each of the presidency members awarded their favorite costume wearer with a handmade prize.

A tempting bucket of candy, a much sought-after shirt, a rustic and ornate fish, an ethereal bottle of shampoo, soap, and Legos, and an artistic 80s trophy/phone.

I gave my prize to Trevor because I really liked his jacket!

It was overall a really good time!  I had a blast!  And I loved the excuse to wear my running tights...

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