Saturday, September 13, 2014

Senior Homecoming

Homecoming was tonight!  And it was fun!

Too much information section (but this must be recorded on the blog since it basically is my journal, plus the word needs to get out so that I don't die alone): Jeff and I split up this week in a mutual, non-dramatic way... we just want to be friends and nothing more!

Because of us splitting up, we didn't know how homecoming would go.  And honestly, the day date wasn't that enjoyable.  It was just Jeff and I, and I was just sad the whole time, I was exhausted from just barely running a race, and I was the driver.  Ridiculous, I know.  Provo traffic is a horrible, horrible thing, especially on a really hot day in a car without A/C!

After the day date I went home, took a nap, and hung out with Liam and Des a little bit.  I felt refreshed and ready to have a nice evening!  I put on one of my grandma's old dresses, which I think is the most beautiful thing in the world.  Well, the second most beautiful thing - I'm saving the first for prom!

It is from the 60s and in excellent shape.  The only problem is that my grandma was a little bit smaller than me, so the waist was rather squeezy.  I decided that the pain was a sacrifice that would definitely be worth it to make!

Soon Jeff, Justin, and Kylee showed up and we all got pictures then headed off to a Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant.  It was a little too authentic for our tastes (Kylee and I have had enough authentic Chinese food to last a lifetime), but it was still pretty good - I loved the spring rolls!

The shoes I was planning to wear fell apart yesterday.  No problem - I just went out and bought the same shoes as my BFF!  Haha!

Then we waited around while Justin's insurance company came to unlock his car for us (he left his keys in there).  Then we headed to Kylee's (because she forgot their tickets) and I thought I might pass out from sitting too long in that dress...but I survived!

Finally we made it to the dance.  I was disappointed to discover that it was too dark to thoroughly be able to criticize people's outfits.  But it was fun to go around and find my friends to chat!  I'm really not much of a fast dancer, so most of the dance was spent wandering around with Jeff, but I did have a lovely time.

So overall, it was a good homecoming experience!  I enjoyed myself and am glad that I was able to go.  Thank you, Jeff, for taking me!

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