Monday, September 1, 2014

Stewart Falls

I was so touched when Jeff invited me to go hiking with him and his family today!  It was the perfect Labor Day adventure, I was definitely ready to get out of the house.

The hike was for sure not a good thing for my IT band...yeah.  It hurt.  But it was beautiful and worth it!  I was so excited to see signs of the season changing.

We finally made it to the falls, and dang it was crowded.  I've only been on this trail once before, when we ran it my freshman year of cross country camp.  There were no people then, but there were tons today!

Jeff's dad said he would pay him $10 to run underneath the waterfall, and he did it.  Haha, I enjoyed watching that!  It completely drenched him, but he was dry by the time we finished our hike.

What a fabulous day with my BF and his fam!  Jeff, thanks for bringing me along!

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