Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Swiss Days

On Saturday after my race we decided to head up to Swiss Days in Midway!  Me as in my mom, Emily, Des, Liam, Jen, my grandma, and I.  Jeff was going to go too, but he got sick after he ran - oh no!

Of course... we had to stop for some quality Mexican food on the way.  It was crazy busy and we were put outside to eat and it was cold... but it was pretty good!  Not that good though... I thought it was the greatest thing ever back in January, I must have just been starving then!  Because I now find it not worth going back to, however fun salsa bars are.

I just love Liam and Des!

Back to Swiss Days.  It was very interesting to see, I enjoyed walking through visiting all of the vendors.  It was a little too crowded for my taste, though!

All of the things to buy were not super interesting, nor were they well priced (generally).  I did buy some Saltwater Sandals, though!  I'm pretty excited about them!

Oh, and I enjoyed these "Lemon Yodels" my mom and I invested in.  A candy stick stuck in a lemon - delicious!  If you could get it to work, though.... it literally took me a half hour to get the stick porous enough to get juice up from the fruit!  And now my mouth is really sore.

So yes!  Lots of fun, this day was.  I love spending time with these ladies (and little gents)!  I am glad that we went to check out Swiss Days, I've been wanting to for some time now.  However, I probably won't go back for another 20 years!

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