Friday, September 26, 2014

We Are Off To Boise!

The time has come again for a cross country trip to Boise, Idaho!  Last year was so much fun, so I was pretty excited that I was able to go again this year (it was a close one - my IT Band almost prevented it!)

I love road trips, guys.  I'm pretty sure that a good date would be just driving all day long.  These hours traveling to Boise were spent by sleeping, sending selfies to our photo teacher, and customizing our new team mascot's cape!

With a bus full of teenagers, you have to stop every two hours or so or else someone will try to use the toilet in the back of the bus and that is just horrible for everyone.  On one of our stops, Ethan bought Coach Jamie some cereal that she had been talking about.  She let everyone try it, and man it was good!

Finally we made it to Boise where we jogged the course to prepare for tomorrow.  We then went to Thomas's rich aunt's house.  She fed us delicious pasta!  It was a ton of fun, because I spent most of the time there talking to Coach Rachel and I love that lady.  She gave me advice for problems that I wasn't sure if I had or not!  Also, every time I saw Stewart he was eating bread sticks.  He ate about 10 total.

And of course we had to have an inspirational/motivational speaker!  Good thing Coach Rachel is both of those things.

We went back to the hotel but still had a few hours to kill.  Jake, Eths, Jeff and I had a fun time hanging out in the halls of the hotel!

We think there was some kind of fancy lady convention going on, because ladies kept passing us and giving us weird looks.  They probably thought we were hooligans, but I'm pretty sure that is what we are not.

It was a great moment when Coach Rachel informed us that she, too, could lick her elbow!  The impossible is possible, my friends.  And here is proof x 4.

It was a really great day.  And tomorrow you will hear all about the race!

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